Mission earth

series data
of German titles: Mission earth - you are among us
original titles: Genes Roddenberry's
Earth: Finally Conflict
production country: The USA
production year (e): 1997 - 2002
length per episode: approx. 42 minutes
of episode number: 110
source language: English
title music: Micky inheritance, Maribeth Solomon
idea: Genes Roddenberry
category: Sci Fi
Erstausstrahlung: 11. October 1997 (the USA)
Erstausstrahlung (D): 3. June 1999
Kevin Kilner
William Boone (relay 1, 5)
Robert Leeshock
Liam Kincaid (relay 2-4)
Lisa Howard
lily Marquette (relay 1-2)
Jayne Heitmeyer
Renee Palmer (relay 3-5)
of Flores
Ronald sand oval
smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Chevolleau
Marcus“Augur” Deveraux (relay 1-3)
Melinda of your
Juliet “J” Street (relay 4-5)
David Hemblen
Jonathan Doors (relay 1-3)
Leni Parker
Da'an (relay 1-4)
Anita La Selva
Zo'or (relay 2-4)
Majel Barrett Roddenberry
Dr. Julianne Belman (relay 1-3)
William DeVry
Joshua Doors (relay 2-4)
franc of moorlands
Hubble Urick (Relay 4-5)

mission earth is one of star Trek - creator of genes Roddenberry devised US-American Science Fiction - TV serial, which brought it between 1997 and 2002 on 110 consequences. Roddenberrys widow Majel bar-saved brought the development of the series on the basis of recordings and notes of its to the 1991 deceased manon the way.

Table of contents


the series plays in the near future, around the year 2015, on earth. Extraterrestial visitors, who call themselves Taelons, took up contact with humansand interfere actively into the culture. The extraterrestial ones give powerful technologies to humans, but their motives are as far as possible unclear. It existed also a resistance movement, those by the billionaire Jonathan Doors is led and the true reasons for the stay of the Taelons on thatEarth experienced wants.

The main figure of the first relay is a policeman William Boone. This gets the Taelons from the Companions, like some humans calls, the offer, to work as bodyguards of the Taelons Da'an. It rejects this offer however. After it its wife comes briefly with oneCar accident around the life. After the resistance movement took up contact with it, Boone decides then nevertheless to work for the Taelons however as a double agent for the resistance.


the technical „achievements “of humans themselves shown in the series and those „the Taelons “throughout convincing and durchdacht represented, it develop no bad logical breaks or physical impossiblenesses are.

Even if the good ones at the beginning „the Taelons is “(in link Kornfelder up for example flowering around the pyramids are approximately shown), because they away-help mankind over disease and environmental problems, becomesone at the latest with end of the first relay very sceptically, which concerns its motives.

In the further process of the series it will define ever more with difficulty, who well and who is bad, particularly since also different extraterrestial races emerge later. The action is on the whole muchon a long-term basis and over several relays put on. According to relatively many opinions the entrance is difficult into the action elbow of the series. Being worth value is the series however nevertheless, since a total action of epischen extent results later.


critics criticize the lack of continuity in thatAction and the intentions of the characters constantly changing in partly chaotically working manners. However at reasons for the real presence of the Taelons on earth in each consequence new were partly consulted, which worked in the long term with many spectators frustrating.

The second large point of criticism is constantly changing occupation; in nearly each relay main characters die and in later episodes „are reinkarniert “. Indeed the main antagonist Ronald sand oval (easily of of Flores) is the only figure, which arises in all five relays.


  • original the series should Battleground: Earth are called, but the producers feared a too large similarity with L. Ron Hubbards novel „Battlefield Earth “.
  • Majel bar-saved plays in the first three relays Dr. Julianne Belman, one for the Taelons active lady doctor. On their desk in its office stands inPicture of genes Roddenberry.

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