a Missionar (from latin for envoys) is a member of a religion, which in another country for its religious community recruits.

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in the Christianityhave mission acres and Missionarinnen an important meaning. Already many the Apostel are to be regarded like Apostel Paulus as the first Christian mission acres. The Christianity is to today a missionierende religion.

The basis for an activity as Missionar exists in onereligious transmission consciousness, which motivates mission acres in addition, their faith also different persons and peoples almost-bring.


mission efforts in the Islam were in particular in Indonesia, Africa, the Arab peninsula, on the Balkans and in central Asia from lasting effect. (see also Dai (Islam))

Not all religions are missionary active: Examples are the Judentum, Sikhs or Zarathustrier.

mission acres

organizations, institutions, mission companies

see also: Missionierende religion


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