Missouri (Federal State)

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Karte der USA, Missouri hervorgehoben

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base data
pointed name: Showing me state
(show ME State)
capital: Jefferson town center
largest city: Kansas town center
rank (within the USA): 21
altogether: 180,693 km ²
country: 178,590 km ²
water (%): 2,101 km ² (1.16%)
rank(within the USA): 17
altogether (2000): 5.595.211
density: 31/km ²
member state
place: 24
since: 10. August 1821
time belt: Cent ral: UTC-6/-5
degree of latitude: 36°N to 40°35'N
degree of longitude: 89°6'W to 95°42'W
broad: 385 km
length: 480 km
highest situation: 540 m
average situation: 240 m
deepest situation: 70 m
governor: Matt Blunt
postal: MO
ISO 3166-2: US-MO

the State of Missouri was designated after the river Missouri and the Indian people of the same name belonging to the Sioux Sprachfamilie. Missouri means “city of the largeKanus ". Missouri is a US Federal State of the middle west. The capital is Jefferson town center. The state is called in the vernacular also the show ME State; the usual abbreviation of the state is MO. Of the inhabitant of the state it is expressed “Misuh´Rah”. The nationalUniversity is in Columbia. The Mississippi and the Missouri flow by the state.

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the national territory of Missouri was part of the surface,the France as Louis IANA was bought. Missouri became 1821 the Federal State as part of the Missouri compromise. Missouri was also called “gate to the west”, because it was transit country of the settlers on the way into the west. During the American civil war Missouri remained, although it itself furtherto the slavery well-known, with the United States and followed not the other Southern States . However existed occasionally one of the Konföderation recognized government-in-exile.


the capital of Missouri are Jefferson town center. The current governor is matt Blunt (republican). Missouri places 9Districts in the house of representatives.

The current condition of Missouri, fourth of the state, was adopted 1945 and embodies the division of power. The legislation takes place by a bikamerales system : By a house of representatives and a senate. Both form the Presidential Election Council of Missouri.

List of the governors ofMissouri


Karte Missouris
map of Missouri

Missouri neighboring states are in the north Iowa, in the east behind the Mississippi Illinois, Kentucky and threshing floor lake, in the south Arkansas in the west Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska (behind the river Missouri).

North the Missouri are the northern levels, which project in Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.

The Ozarkplateau stands out south the river and is enough in Arkansas and Oklahoma inside. Springfield (Missouri) in the southwest of Missouri lies on the Ozarkplateau. In the south of Missouri the Ozarkgebirge begins.

In the southeast of Missouri, into thatfruitful levels of the Mississippi cotton and rice are cultivated.

List of the cities in Missouri, Liste of the Countys in Missouri


Bezirke (Counties) Missouris
of districts (Counties) of Missouri

the gross national product of Missouri amounted to 1999 170 billion US dollar. Missouri takes thereby to the 18. Place into thatThe USA. The gross income per head was in the year 2000 about 27.445 US Dollar.

Most important branches of industry are aviation technology, logistics, agriculture and food economy, chemistry, graphic arts industry, electronics.

Agricultural production concentrates on beef, beans, Schweinefleisch, hay, corn, poultry and eggs.

Missouri possesses large supplies of limestone.Other Bodenschätze are lead, coal. The building industry is supplied from here with cement and gravel.

Tourism and service are further important branches of trade.


with the census of 2000 was determined the population with 5.595.211. The largest cities are Pc. Louis and Kansas town center.

Largest cities (inhabitant 1. July 2004)

  • Kansas town center - 444,387
  • Saint Louis - 343,279
  • Springfield - 150,704
  • Independence - 111,023
  • Columbia - 89,593
  • Lee's Summit - 78,659
  • Saint Joseph - 72,628
  • O'Fallon - 67,009
  • Saint Charles - 61.411
  • Saint Peter - 53,907
  • Florissant - 51,583
  • Blue jump - 49,467
  • Chesterfield - 47,110
  • Joplin - 46,830
  • Jefferson town center - 38,671
  • University town center - 37,493
  • Cape Girardeau - 35,993
  • Wildwood - 34,588
  • ball vienna - 30,778

the population growth amounts to 0.6% (478.310) based on the basisof 1990. 84.9% (4.748.083) are white one, 2.1% (118.592) are Hispanics, 11.2% (629.391) are black ones, 1.1% (61.595) are asiatic descent, 0.4% (25.076) are Indians or Alaskan descent, 0.1% (3.178) are Hawaiians or Polynesier 0.8% (45.827) are otherDescent, and 1.5% (82.061) rank themselves among a heterogeneous descent (half-breeds).

6.6% of the population are than 5 years, 25.5% are younger under 18, 13.5% are older 65 years or. The female portion of the population amounts to 51.4%.

5.1% the inhabitantMissouri speak another language than English.

Birth and mortality rate:

Births: 74,037
deaths: 54,322
deaths of children: 564

151,196 the inhabitant of Missouri is foreigners. 81.3% have a High School - have conclusion, 21.6% an academic conclusion (Bachelor).

About 20% of the populationare catholic denomination; in particular in the areas of the cities Kansas town center and pc. Louis. Baptisten, Methodists and Lutheraner belong to the Protestant confessions. In Independence close Kansas town center stands the center of the Mormonen.

important cities

  • Pc. Louis-- 348,189 inhabitants(Population centre: 2.603.607 inhabitants)
  • Kansas town center -- 443,200 inhabitants
  • Springfield
  • Columbia -- The University OF Missouri has here its seat carrier.
  • Branson
  • Cape Girardeau
  • Saint Genevieve -- the oldest European settlement west the Mississippi.
  • Pc. Joseph -- The Pony express started here.

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