a member is one a certain body belonging person. The membership results from partial with certain symbol actions and rituals connected admission, entry or from birth. Membership implies the acknowledgment of the rules and statutes of the community, and specifies certain rights and obligations.Furthermore membership in a certain support of the body manifests itself. The moreover one it occurs that persons are counted by their environment due to their behavior, appearance or their convicition to members of a special grouping.

A certain affiliation feeling to a grouping alone constitutes still no membership.Members with candidates, Postulanten or sympathizers can divide this. Membership results from confirmation.

Many humans are member in an association. Thus they show their environment that they support “their” association and/or its goals. As return receive they, z. B. with sport - or Music associations the possibility of training or of rehearsing under expert supervision and in the public of playing, and/or. to arise.

Members of associations with a cultural character want to maintain and/or spread traditions.

Social associations and their members want to help others.

examples of other memberships:

  • A terrorist is called member of a combination of terror.

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