Miyazawa Rie

Miyazawa Rie (jap. 宮沢りえ; * 6. April 1973 in Tokyo) is a Japanese actress. Their nut/mother is Japanese, their father is Dutchman.

Miyazawa was in the years of the restaurant boom into the 1980ern and early 1990ern a well-known face in the Japanese television. Particularly by appearances in the commercial television (and. A. with Arnold Schwarzenegger) they made a child star, while in the background their nut/mother pulled the threads as Managerin and as a Rie mummy admits of the public was. At the age of 18 Miyazawa earned annually over 400 millions Yen (approx. 2,9 millions Euro) only from Sponsoringverträgen.

As 15-jährige Miyazawa was engaged for the first time for a motion picture film. For its appearance in Bokura NO Nanokakan Sensō (ぼくらの 7 日間戦争, our filter day war) was honoured it as a best new actress with Japan Academy Award. Further films followed. 1992 appeared to Santa Fe a photo volume with act photographs, which had as consequence that a contract with the television station NHK burst under the title, however very well sold itself: over 1,5 millions Copies went within three months over the counter.

In the same year Miyazawa communicated its engagement with the Sumōringer Takanohana Koji . The connection was again solved however 1993.

In the next years Miyazawa had increasingly private problems. The relationship with its nut/mother worsened, and 1994 had Miyazawa after official representation an accident, voices in the media spoke meanwhile of an attempted suicide. Also from a Essstörung was the speech. Tastächlich went Miyazawa 1996 for the treatment of an anorexia in treatment.

In May 1996 began its comeback with smaller roles and work for the television. Miyazawa began around the turn of the century to be established as a serious actress. With the often price-crowned film Samurai in the dawn (たそがれ清兵衛 Tasogare Seibē) of Yamada Yōji, which also for the OSCAR was nominated as the best foreign film, succeeded to it the break-through.

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