Mizuki Noguchi

Mizuki Noguchi (jap. 野口みずき Noguchi Mizuki; * 3. July 1978 in Ise) is a Japanese marathoner.

Noguchi began during its school time with run training, in the first class of the secondary school. First it ran 3000-Meter-Rennen as well as long distance relays. 1997 were taken up it to the firm crew of the clothing manufacturer Wacoal. 1999 changed it into the crew of the goods date dealer Globaly. In Japen it is usual that large enterprises maintain own crews for long-distance runners, with the whole responsible person staff (thus similar as with the cycle racing in Europe). The athletes are considered then legally as employees.

After Noguchi 1999 had won the Halbmarathon of Inuyama, she decided, to specialize in this discipline. In that year Noguchi was classified as second of the world rank list. 2001 won it the Japanese firm championship. After a series of victories one called it “queen of the Halbmarathons”. Until 2004 participated it in 24 Halbmarathons, from which she won 14. Only twice it was struck by a Japanese. In March 2002 it denied its first marathon race in Nagoya over the full distance and won a running at first attempt.

With the athlete IC world championship 2003 in Paris it became second behind the Kenianerin Catherine Ndereba. With the olympic plays in Athens it won the fastidious marathon race in a time of 2:26: 20, before Catherine Ndereba and the US American Deena Kastor. 2005 ran it in Berlin with 2:19: 12 Asia record. She is after Naoko Takahashi and Yoko Shibui the third Japanese, who ran under 2:20.


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