Mohammed Bouyeri

Mohammed Bouyeri (* 8. March 1978 in Amsterdam) murdered to 2. November 2004 the Netherlands artist and film producer Theo van Gogh. This murder made headlines and had in the Netherlands, in addition, in other European countries, extensive consequences.

Bouyeri possesses the Moroccan and the Netherlands nationality. Its parents are immigrants of the first generation. 1995 made its Havo for Bouyeri - conclusion and visited thereupon “INHOLLAND” the university in Diemen. It changed several times the academic subject, left after five years the university without conclusion and turned increasingly to the Islamic fundamentalism . Before it was the police as a member of a group of Moroccan young people, standing under observation, already admits become. It is assumed that it followed an Islamic group of terror, which is called Hofstadgroep (Hofstad group). For clarifying these connections a court process takes place since autumn 2005.

After the public controversy about Theo van Goghs Islam-critical Kurzfilm tender - part One shot Bouyeri to 2. November 2004 on open road on the director, cut through it the throat and pushed it a measurer into the body, to a claim of responsibility, and. A. with murder threats against the Netherlands parliament delegate Ayaan Hirsi Ali, was fastened. Hirsi Ali was friendly with van Gogh and authoress o. g. Film. After a shooting with the police Bouyeri in the proximity of the scene was hurt arrested.

At the 11. July 2005 began in Amsterdam the court process, during which it was accused the murder at Theo van Gogh, the tried murder at policeman, the tried homicide at Passanten, offence against the weapon law and the membership in an organization of terror. Bouyeri confessed van Gogh to have killed did however without a defense and indicated instead of its to want to commit further notices. To 26. July 2005 was condemned Bouyeri to a lifelong imprisonment. After Netherlands right a premature dismissal from the detention is possible only by a pardon by the queen.

In the context of the process against the Hofstad - group justified Bouyeri in a detailed final speech its act in February 2006 again publicly. „In the fight of the Gläubigen against the disbelieving ones “force is approved of by Islamics by „the prophet Mohammed “.[1]


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