Mohammed Sahir Schah

Mohammed Sahir Schah (* 15. October 1914 in Kabul) was from 1933 to 1973 king (Schah) of Afghanistan.

After its return out nearly 30-jährigem exile opened the Exmonarch 2002 the Loya Jirga (large meeting of the council), those after smashingthe Taliban - regime fundamental resolutions for the reconstruction of Afghanistan seized.

Mohammed Sahir originates from the Paschtunen dynasty of the Mohammedsai (Baraksai), their master area in the environment from Kandahar lies and since that the 18. Century the supremacy over Afghanistan exercised. Trained in France, that becamePrince after its return with 18 years to the deputy war and few months later appointed the educating Minister. After the murder of its father Mohammed nadir to 8. November 1933 it mounted the throne, actual power practiced however, beginning with the authoritarian rule of prince MohammedHa Khan, its uncles as Prime Ministers out. Only 1964 came it with the Verabschiedung of a new condition by the Loja Jirga to the introduction of the constitutional monarchy.

1973 became Sahir Schah during a stay in Italy by a Militärputsch of his brother-in-law and Prime Minister of many years MohammedDaud Khan (1953-1963) fallen; since that time it pursued the political events in Afghanistan from the exile in Rome, undertook however during the Afghanistan war and the following civil war no attempts to take on the development in its country influence. After the beginning of the USAled war against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan the greise Exmonarch offered itself those in October 2001 as a mediator and belonged to the driving forces, and. A. made an arranged new beginning for a Loya possible Jirga by the summoning. To 18. April 2002 turned Sahir Schah as„Citizen” to Afghanistan back, explained his renouncement of the office of the head of state and opened at the 11. June 2002 the Loya Jirga. It is called since 2004 Baba - e Melat (father of the nation).


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