Monica Zetterlund

Monica Zetterlund (* 20. September 1937 in Hagfors; † 12. May 2005 in Stockholm; born Monica Nilsson) was a Swedish singer and actress.

Zetterlund participated in more than 20 films and TV serials, among them 1971 into the emigrants in the side of live Ullmann and max of Sydow. In addition it was considered jazz - a singer. With the title EN gång i Stockholm participated it 1963 for Sweden in Eurovision the Song Contest . Without only one point it landed at the last place. To their popularity in its homeland did this however no abort. As a jazz singer it had its first successes with Arne Domnerus between 1958 and 1960, after it had debütiert as a new generation singer in that volume of their parents and with ID Glindeman. Festivals in completely Europe led it with that gas-animal-end to “Americans there in Europe” Lucky Thompson, Kenny Clarke, Thad Jones, Zoot windshield frame section and talk Mitchell together. With many it went also into Studios. Their Diskografie is quite modest, what concerns the jazz, but however contentful. Their most well-known album is the LP on Philips with Bill Evans, whose “Waltz interpreted for Debby” it in a completely new way. With Quincy Jones it some outstanding albums took up - to changing occupations. Its LP “Swedish sensation” combines the best jazz musicians Schwedens. At the beginning of the 70's it commercial and took up between “Winchester Cathedral “and” My sweet lord “each quantity of Pop. Their top class flashed thereby only rarely. In addition the number of the Swedish Folk and Poptitel continued to increase, which brought in its money, which deterred jazz fans however rather. Only co-operation with Zoot windshield frame section and talk Mitchell led it back into the clubs between Stockholm, Malmö and Upsalla.

Due to a heavy Skoliose - illness withdrew itself Monica Zetterlund 1999 from the stage. To 12. May 2005 died it with a fire in its Stockholm dwelling.

Diskografie (selection)

  • Swedish sensation, Columbia SEGS 47 (LP), EMI (s) of 475061-2 (CD), Dragon 171
  • Waltz for Debby (with Bill Evans), Philips 6378 508 (also appeared as CD)
  • The draws tapes, RCA (G) to 2136332-2 (CD)

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