Monika miner Schmuderer

Monika miner Schmuderer (* 17. April 1978 in Lam; born as Monika miner) is a German Skirennläuferin. Their special discipline is the slalom.

Miner denied its first Weltcup running in December 1996. It achieved their best placements with two second places to 29. December 2001 in Lienz and to 8. February 2004 at the large Arber.

In the season 2003/2004 became it behind the Swede Anja Pärson and the Austrian Marlies sign third in the Slalom Worldcup.

The largest success of their career succeeded to it with the alpine ski world championship 2005 in boron millions, as it together with Andreas Ertl, Martina Ertl, Florian hitting a corner ore, Hilde Gerg and Felix Neureuther world champion in the for the first time delivered team competition of the nations became.

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