Monika Lindner

ORF-Generaldirektorin Monika Lindner
ORF Generaldirektorin Monika Lindner

Monika Lindner (* 25. September 1944 in Gleiwitz, Schlesien) is a general directress of the ORF.

Lindner buildup in Innsbruck . After the Matura study in Vienna, Dr. phil. (Theatre science, history of art and philosophy). Starting from 1974 Lindner worked as a free woman employee at the ORF in Vienna in the department: Politics and Zeitgeschehen. She was ordered 1979 to the chief of the Pressestelle of the ORF. 1991 took over Monika Lindner the line of the previous evening series WE. 1995 sketched it the concept of the previous evening eve of “welcome Austria” and with the line of the transmission were entrusted, for this transmission, it to 1995 also with the golden Romy for the best program idea honoured.

Starting from October 1998 it took the position of the Landesintendantin of the ORF regional studio Lower Austria. Since 1. January 2002 is Monika Lindner general directress of the Austrian broadcast.

It was married up to its death with the director of many years of the ORF, Otto Anton Eder.


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