the term mono (v. griech. monos „unity “):

  1. stands with foreign words as prefix, in order to indicate the singular. See for example: Mono log, Monokultur, Monotheismus, monarchy.
  2. in the audio technology a single-channel admission (contrary to Stereo)
  3. is the name of the open SOURCE- Portierung Microsoft - of the.NET Frameworks, which among other things the programming language C# (phon.: C-Sharp, on dt. also: Cis) contains; see mono project
  4. is a short word for mono rendition; see also Stereofonie
  5. is the name of a cutlery series, the 1959 by Peter Raacke one sketched and today a Design classical authoris; see mono A.
  6. Mono cell stands for a size of household batteries
  7. a uramerikanische group of peoples, sees also to mono (group of peoples)
  8. one of the twelve departments of the westAfrican State of Benin

of volume

  1. mono, artist name of the Reggae - for singer Mono
  2. mono, name of a British Electronica/Trip Hop Duos of MartinVirgo and Siobhan Di Maré (album: Formica Blues, hit: Live in mono)
  3. mono, name Japanese post office skirt volume (album among other things: Under the Pipal Tree)
  4. mono, name Netherlands post office skirt volume from Rotterdam on the label Zabel record

this side is a term clarifying for the distinction of severalwith the same word of designated terms.

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