Monodie is originally called a poem or a unanimous song, in which someone deplores the death of another person. In the baroque music from it a term for unanimous singing with chord company became (see also homophony). In this sense is

Monodie (Greek single singing)one approximately around 1600 in Italy new kind of music, arisen, which existed in the single singing with economical instrument valleys company. It decreases/goes back to working the artist and philosopher circle “Florentiner Camerata “and stepped successfully in competition to the up to then usual mehrstimmigen singing. The largest contentwise innovation consisted of the fact that the singing had predominantly to express now feelings (“Affekte”). This concept affected within a short time the entire European music language lastingly.

Monodi music pieces were accompanied first only by the general bass and were formally completely free. Different development strands Monodie flowedinto more specialized and partially orchestral accompanied forms such as Rezitativ and air and their larger compositions such as opera, Oratorium and Kantate.

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