Monokultur (of v. griech.: monos unity and lat.: cultura agriculture) is a form that soil management. On a land or forest-economically used surface only a certain kind is cultivated by useful plants.

In the agriculture one speaks of Monokultur, if on the same area of arable land year forYear the same fruit is cultivated. Only few useful plants such as z. B. Rye are compatible and need no crop rotation. The opposite of the Monokultur is the Mischkultur or - spread in the agriculture far - the crop rotation.

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advantages of Monokulturen

short term the cultivation of only one cultivated plant is first cheaper to large extent from economic view (scale effect).

  • few special, very effective machines with high capacity instead of relatively expensive machinery with many,on the different cultivation fruits smaller machines more effective
  • machine employment by smaller preparation times more favorable
  • purchase prices for seeds, fertilizer, plant protection agent etc., which can be co-ordinated. (Quantity discount)
  • large uniform portions - better marketing, better selling prices
  • smaller administration expense
  • better cultivation methods by profit at experience and specialized knowledge

of disadvantages of Monokulturen

long-termthe use of the soil saves some disadvantages in form of the Monokultur:

  • Monokulturen favour the propagation of specialized parasits (insects) and pathogen (germs, mushrooms), which can lead to harvest failures and whose Bekämfung higher costs of Pestizide (z. B. Insecticides, fungicides) causes.
  • higher plant protection consumption leads to risks such as accumulation of arrears and resistance.
  • Wear of the earth leads examples of
Monokulturen Monokultur in

forestry Monokultur

Monokultur in der Forstwirtschaft
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  • work on] in the coffee, dte and cultivation of rice made in
  • forestry forests in Monokultur is operated predominantly, overto supply the woodworking one and paper industry with the raw material wood.
  • The Great Plains in the USA is well-known for their enormous wheat fields. Into the 1930er years led here the Monokultur to catastrophic Staubstürmen.
  • In the transferred sense also outside of the agriculture of Monokultur one speaks, aboutif the fact that 90% all computer with the same operating system work, leads to it that computer viruses spread very fast.
  • The term Monokultur is used in the tourism, if whole countries or regions are dependent on this restaurant economics.

See also: Plantagen, Mischkultur, crop rotation

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