the Montafonerbahn (MBS) opens in the Austrian Land of the Federal Republic Vorarlberg since 1905 the remote Montafon - for side valley. It is an electrically operated normalspurige private railway company and the only private railway company Vorarlbergs.

Motor coach of the MBS in Schruns (21. June 2003)

12.7 km long distance begins in Bludenz at that Arlbergbahn (561 m and. NN) and ends in Schruns (681 m and. NN). There the travelers have the possibility in the context of an attractive suburban traffic offer of transferring into the penalty of the region.

From 1905 to 1972 the Montafonerbahn with 800 V direct current was electrified, which problemsduring the transition of the distance to starting from 1925 with 15 kV, caused 16 2/3 cycles per second alternating current claimant Arlbergbahn. At the beginning of used one steam engines to the displacement, later built one accumulators into the motor coaches. 1955 procured the MBS two rail penalty and a sidecar.

After the conversionon alternating current 1972 the MBS was fundamentally modernized.1990 and 1994 were purchased two new two-piece motor coaches of Swiss origin of the NPZ series, 2000 and 2001 with two new one-piece motor coaches the renewal of the vehicle park was completed. Today the vehicles of the Montafonerbahn beside their original route drive alsoof Feldkirch over Liechtenstein after book SG (Switzerland), but some courses are led on the Montafonerbahn with turning course sets of the ÖBB.

The Montafonerbahn is called by the native also “Mobah”.

Principal shareholder is the conditions Montafon with 54,5%. 11.5% are in the property of the Vorarlberger Illwerke, 11.2% in the property of the country Vorarlberg. 22.8% of the shares are in the strewing possession.

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