of these articles is concerned with the Canadian city Montreal. For the cross knight castle of the same name in Jordanian ones, see Montreal (cross knight castle).
Oratoire Saint-Joseph
Oratoire Saint Joseph
Musée beaux kind
port & old part of town
Notre-Dame de Montréal Basilica
Marché Jean-Talon
Marché Jean talon
Innovative Wohnformen im "Habitat"
innovative living forms in the “Habitat”
Innenstadt vom Mont-Royal aus
city center ofMont Royal from

Montreal (French Montréal [mõʀeˈal] and English [ˌmʌntɹɪˈɔːl]) is the second largest city of Canada and the largest city of the province Québec with 1.8 million inhabitants (2002). In the region Montreal live about 3.6 million humans (2004). Montreal lies in the east of Canada to Sinking Lorenz stream. The city is 1600 km far away from the Atlantic and offers with the haven de Montréal an important port for all ships on the way to the large lakes.

Together with its densely populated area it is considered as second largest französischsprachige city of the world, although thatPortion of the English-speaking inhabitants for instance with 20% lies. It is the handels, industrie and economic center eastern Canada. 1967 took place here the world exhibition and 1976 the olympic plays .

Montreal is also seat of the I.C.A.O.

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Montreal was, before it at the beginning 17. Century from the Frenchmen into a commercial establishment, a Wyandot was converted - village with name Hochelaga. The Frenchmen built Montreal to the starting point forthe fur trade with the Indians out. From here the Voyageure with its Rindenkanus loaded with exchange goods started and drove outside into the unknown areas in the west of the continent in hope for rich fur yields. In the time before the division of the province Canada in upper (Ontario) and Niederkanada (Québec) was it several times capital of this province. The name Montreal is after history developed as the first immigrants on the mountain at the edge of the settlement was led. The view was like that overwhelming that it the mountain Mont Royal (“royal mountain”) called. Thus the city came to the name Montreal. Possibly also a role plays during the naming that the discoverer Jacques Cartier had a backer, whose surname Montereale read. This very day the mountain in the city plays an important role. So may no multistoried building to be more highly built than the royal mountain. In the seven-year-old war (1756 - 1763), in America also as Frenchman and Indian war designation, remained Montreal until 1760 in French possession. 8 forced a British army under general Jeffrey Amherst to. September 1760 thoseGarrison from Montreal to the surrender, with which the French rule in Canada ended in fact. Like Canada France surrendered completely the city to 1763 in peacetime from Paris to Great Britain.

objects of interest

  • Place of d'Armes
  • Place Ville Marie
  • the house mountain Mont Royal
  • park Olympique with thatfamous olympia stadium
  • Jardin Botanique de Montréal
  • Centre Bell
  • old part of town and Pferdedroschken
  • Biodôme, biotope zoo in the earlier olympic wheel stadium [1]
  • Marché Jean talon - Petite Italie, in the Arrondissement Rosemont/Petite Patrie
  • covering “Habitat” at the port
  • park Jean Drapeau on the island
  • shops and restaurants of the Rue sp-Catherine, Rue sp-Denisand boulevard sp-Laurent

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Coordinates: 45° 30 ' 29 " N, 73° 33 ' 18 " W


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