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Flagge Montserrats
office language English
capital Plymouth (left), Brades
status British overseas territories
head of state Elizabeth II.
Governor Deborah Barnes Jones
head of the government John Osborne
surface 102 km ²
number of inhabitants 9.341(Conditions July 2005)
currency eastCaribbean dollar
time belt UTC -4
internet TLD .ms
preselection +1,664
Lage Montserrats in der Welt
Lage Montserrats in der Karibik

Montserrat is an island in the Karibik. It is overseas territories of the united kingdom. The island lies southwest from Antigua and northwest from Guadeloupe.

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the British crowning colony belonged to the islands of the small Antilleses and is volcanic origin, the last phase of larger activity of the Soufriere Hillsafter 400jähriger break 1995 was registered. Geo scientists proceed from a large outbreak before 20,000 years.

2/3 of the island are due to the volcanic eruption restricted area. Driving on of the territorial waters is risky, since no current sea charts are present. In far periphery upLake is perceptible a strong smell after hydrogen sulfide. (April 2005)

in Montserrat tropical climate with temperatures between 23 and 30ºC without expressed rain or dry periods prevails.


Christoph Kolumbus discovered the island 1493 and designated it aftera well-known monastery on the mountain Montserrat in Spain. 1632 were settled Montserrat by Englishmen and Irish. From 1871 to 1956 belonged Montserrat for the federation of the islands over that hoist, 1958 became it member of the westIndian federation.After dissolution of the federation 1962 the island inhabitants in a tuning decided British crowning colony to remain

a majority of the island became by a set of outbreaks of the volcano Soufriere Hills, to 18. July 1995 began, devastated. 75%the population fled from the island. The capital Plymouth was officially given up 1997 due to the volcanic eruptions. An interim government seat was established in Brades, at the northwest end of the island.


  • of administrative districts:
    • Saint Anthony
    • Saint Georges
    • Saint Peter's


it exists left-hand traffic.


Montserrat is independent member of the FIFA and thus the CONCACAF and participates with its own crew at their competitions. Usually Montserrat loses very highly and standstraditionally on one of the last positions of the FIFA Weltrangliste. An interesting haven-guesses/advises the football on Montserrat offers the documentary film “The OTHER final “, that over in the year 2002 parallel to the WM-final the taking place international match against the last but one at that time thatFIFA Weltrangliste Bhutan reports. Montserrat lost the play in Bhutan with 4:0.

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coordinates: 16° 45 ′ N, 62° 12 ′ W


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