MOO castle at the Isar

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Wappen Moosburg a. d. Isar Karte Moosburg a. d. Isar
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Upper Bavaria
district: Freesing
surface: 43.86 km ²
inhabitants: 17.263 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 394 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 421 m and. NN
postal zip codes: 85360-85368
preselection: 08761
Geographical situation:
Coordinates: 48° 28 ' N, 11° 56 ' O
48° 28 ' N, 11° 56 ' O
Kfz characteristics: Telex
municipality characteristic number: 09 1 78 143
of the city administration:
City place 13
85368 MOO castle
official Website:
E-Mail address:
Bürgermeisterin: Anita my ELT (CSU)
toScheidecker mountain

MOO castle A. D. Isar is a city in the Upper Bavarian district freesings and is on half distance between freesings and land hat at the rivers Isar and Amper. MOO castle is by the federal motorway 92 and regional courses from Munich and the close airportto reach easily. The oldest city between Regensburg and Bozen is a central center in the region. The city centre towered above of the tower of the Kastulusmünsters and that the Johanneskirche.

The city is both a popular residence for commuters to Munich, freesings or to the airport, andLocation of different industrial companies. Like that are resident beside the chemical, the electrotechnical and food industry also a engine works in the city.

Geographically the city is characterized by a multiplicity of rivers, brooks and channels. Thus here the Strogen flows beside the Amper also the Sempt , and the Dorfen into the Isar.

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inhabitant development since 1840

year inhabitant
1840 2.643
1871 3,459
1900 3,970
(V) 1939 6,169
(V) 1950 10,023
(V) 1961 11,310
(V) 1970 13,050
1980 13,236
(V) 1987 14,251
1990 15,243
2000 16,607
2004 17,275

(in each case to 31. December /(V): Day of the census)

culture and objects of interest


  • Kastulusmünster (at the beginning 19. Century famous pilgrimage church): In the year 1514 the high carved by the land guardian sculptor Hans Leinberger altar in the Kastulusmünster has a special admitting heating degree. This altar zieren the following figures: in the center the Hl. Maria with child, enclosed of the Hl.Kastulus and of the Hl. Heinrich. Behind the altar crucifix the Kastulusschrein is to be seen. A majority of the Gebeine of the Hl. Kastulus, which were originally brought from Albin and Rhenobot to MOO castle, are today in the land guardians March in church.

northern of the city1939 the base camp VII A of the armed forces were established. Today is there the MOO citizen quarter new city.

twin cities

the city MOO castle a.d.Isar connect three partnerships between cities and two city sponsorships with other cities. These are:

Partnerships between cities

city sponsorships

  • since 8. April 1968: Kynšperk nad Ohří (king mountain a.d. Eger), (Tschechien)
  • since 9. July 1973: Odžaci (Hodschag), (Serbia)

schools in MOO castle

  • Primary school south, Munich road 29, 85368 MOO castle a.d. Isar
  • primary school north, Albinstrasse 14, 85368 MOO castle a.d. Isar
  • hauptschule, Albinstrasse 16, 85368 MOO castle a.d. Isar
  • Kastulus six-form high school MOO castle, width mountain route 22, 85368 MOO castle a.d. Isar
  • Karl knight of freshness - High School, Albinstr. 5, 85368 MOO castle a.d. Isar
  • people's highschoolMOO castle, Fronängerstrasse 6, 85368 MOO castle a.d. Isar
  • Evang. Adult education work, Evang. - Luth. - Pfarramt, Geibitzstrasse 6, 85368 MOO castle a.d. Isar
  • language welfare school, signal tower route 49, 85368 MOO castle a.d. Isar


in MOO castle reside some larger industrial companies, which are partial of international importance:


  • history of the city MOO castle
  • Moosburg/Isar - history and art of the city

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