Mops (dog)

FCI - standard No. 253
patronage Great Britain
classification FCI
  • group 9 Gesellschafts-und Begleithunde.
  • Section 11 small one doggenartige dogs
race names according to FCI
  • Pug (Mops)
further names
  • Carlin, Carlino, Doguillo
  • Hellfalbfarben with black mask
  • black
  • silver
  • Apricot with black mask
Widerristhöhe to 35 cm
weight up to 10 kg
other breed federations beyond the FCI AKC CKC ANKC UKC NZKC KC (UK)
list of the dog races

the Mops is one of the FCI (Nr.235, Gr.9, Sek.11) recognized French dog race.

The painter and its Mops, selfhaven-guessed/advised, 1745

table of contents

origin and historical

the Mops China, where it was out-bred more than 2000 years ago from doggenähnlichen dogs, originates details related is the Chinese Pai from the empire. Despite its small size it is ranked among the Molossern. In 16. Century came its ancestors with the eastIndian society into the Netherlands. From there it spread in the salons of the ladies, where it was replaced around 1900 from the Pekinesen. Starting from 1918 it came to a new upswing of its race.

One can admire the Mops in its historical form on paintings of the painter William Hogarth. In Brehms animal life of 1927 becomes the original head form particularly clearly.


the Mops has smooth, short and soft-shining hair in the colors in-colored black, silver-grey, different nuances beige (from white yellow to yellow brown), basic colour in clear contrast to badges. The badges at the head, the mask, front marks and nut/mother marks at the cheeks are clearly defined and as black as possible. It has an easy Vorbiss, i.e., the lower jaw manages somewhat. The small ears fall forward and form a so-called button ear, in addition, rose ears are permitted. Ideal weight according to FCI: 6,3 to 8.1 kg with a size up to 31 cm. It can become old 13 to 15 years.


this durable, compact dog is a pleasant Begleithund; it is intelligently, playful and good-natured.


the Mops is a brachiocephale race, i.e., he has a roundish head and a short lip also easily out-standing eyes. Therefore it can come to problems with the respiration and injuries of the cornea. „The Pug Dog Enzephalitis “is a race-specific inflammatory illness centers of the nervous system, which occurs in particular with the Mops in approximately 1% of the cases. In addition, Züchteri exaggerations and extreme breed lead to numerous further health problems up to features of agony breed. Thus often the relation of the size does not tune no more to those of the puppies with dogs. The puppies are too large for the too kleinwüchsigen dams. There are bearing difficulties. By the too short catch the dogs are also not in a the position, their puppies, abzunabeln, let alone, to transport them in the catch. [1] Diss.

culture history

Mops in Brehms animal life, Small edition 1927
young Mops

the Mops as landmarks or symbol figure

  • in Bretten took place in the year 1504 a FE storage by Ulrich of Württemberg , which after the legend only by a Mops, which could be terminated Brettener Hundle. Also today successful withstanding is celebrated against the FE storage still with the Peter and Paul celebration. The historical „Hundles well “with the Brettener Hundle is considered as landmark of the city. Furthermore a Mops at fresco the Evangelist pin church is to be found.
  • The city gentleman mountain leads the Mops likewise as landmark and to it a monument dedicated.
  • In vienna ends a monument reminds of the Mops of the duke Karl Alexander of Württemberg. This is with the battle around Belgrade in the Kampfgetümmel against the osmanischen troops in the year 1717 the contact to its gentleman to have lost and alone to the lock Winnenthal with vienna ends have run back.
  • A Mops from porcelain was symbol figure of the medalmedal medal, a Freimaurerloge from that 18. Century.
  • William of Oranien had a Mops with itself, when he conquered England. When in the year 1582 an assassination attempt was committed on it, the Mops saved the life to it.

the Mops in the literature

  • of Otto mops of Ernst Jandl - who was probably most well-known German-language poem over
  • a Mops the Mops of Ms Lunden in “the lyra box probably-kept at a moderate temperature” from James
  • Krüss Plisch and Plumm of William shrubs ,
  • 1882 the bookbook book , Anthologie of Felicitas Noeske , ISBN
  • 3-458-34478-0 the Mops of jewel, narration into “the fairy tale” from “maintenances of German emigrating” , 1795 of Johann Wolfgang von
Goethe [work on

] songs and radio plays over

  • the Mops as our Mops Möp, Volkslied with text of Hoffmann von Fallersleben
  • a Mops came into the kitchen, and stole from the cook an egg, child song, author unknown
  • Klopsemops, Child song from the GDR radio play the dream charm tree [2] of pure hard Lakomy (music) and Monika Ehrhardt (texts), which is specified today still as musical.
  • Mopsy Mops, Comic Hörspielreihe, which was published into the 1970er - years by the label Europe. Later further consequences were added under the label new fashion in the selling of the BASF.

the Mops as cinema actors

  • the quatschende Mops franc is an agent in the film Men in Black and on the hunt to extraterrestial ones. In the second part Men in Black II trällert franc “I wants survive” from Gloria Gaynor from the front seat passenger window of the service car.
  • Pinky and the million-millionenmops is a child film of Stefan Lukschy [3] after the Kinderbuch detective Pinky of Gert Prokop
  • the Parodie of the Wixxer acts by the Earl OF Cockwood, which breeds on Blackwhite Castle of Möpse.
  • The Mops Percy plays in the film Pocahontas also.

quotations over the Mops

of Loriot the sentence comes: A life without Mops is possible - however senseless.


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