Murders of Mechterstädt

as “murders of Mechterstädt “one designates shooting of 15 Thuringian workers on the road from Mechterstädt to Gotha by connecting students from Marburg to 25. March 1920.

The victims killed by close shots into the head, after they had been arrested by members of the “student corps Marburg “(StuKoMa) under the pretext, it are “red” insurgent ones against the cut Putsch. The corps had been sent as time time federationtime federation of the realm resistance.

For indignation provided in particular the circumstance that the 14 authors still 1920 during two court processes were acquitted by the accusation of the “homicide under illegal weapon use”, since they made valid the shooting were with an escape attempt killed. University line, teachers and students solidarized even with the authors. Thus the prevailing picture of Marburg got deep tears as student idyll. Friedrich Facius saw one of the largest scandals of the law in that in the judgements Weimar time, William Röpke, at that time student in Marburg, spoke of the “tragedy of Mechterstädt”. Carl von Ossietzky used the murders as an opportunity, in order to warn of a “balkanization “of Germany.

For memory of the event in bath Thal were established and at B 7 between Mechterstädt and Teutleben Gedenksteine.


  • Peter Krüger/Anne C. Nail (Hrsg.): Mechterstädt - 25.3.1920. Scandal and crisis in the early phase of the Weimar Republic. Münster 1997. ISBN 3825830616

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