Moritz remain-faithfully

Moritz remain-faithfully

Moritz remain-faithfully (* 13. August 1971 in Munich) is a German actor. It is remain faithful the son of the actress Monica and actor Hans burner. Its Urgossmutter is remain faithful the actress Hedwig.

Remain-faithfully buildup in Hamburg .

Already as a child remain-faithfully new from UHL shrubs stood before the camera, so particularly in the child series.

The school left Moritz remain-faithfully in the elften class. He came over Paris to New York town center, where he took play instruction.

Remain-faithfully its career began 1992with 21 years at the Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, roles in smaller television productions followed.

Admits became it particularly by numerous TV-features, in addition, by its roles in the motion picture films „Lola runs “, „Knockin' on Heaven's Door “and „the experiment “. Withthe film producer Fatih Akin, with which is remain-faithfully also in a friendly manner connected, it turned the films „in July “and „Solino “.

At present (February 2006) he is to be seen to elementary particles “in the films „Munichand „.

Also in child filmsMoritz participated remain-faithfully. Among other things 2002 in the Danish film „the Fakir “.


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