Moritz Thausing

Moritz Thausing (* 3. June 1838 on lock Tschischkowitz with Leitmeritz (Czech Litoměřice) in Böhmen; † 14. August 1884 in Leitmeritz) was an art writer.

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Thausing became at the 3. June 1838 on lock Tschischkowitz with Leitmeritz in Böhmen born. It studied itself at the Universities of Prague, Vienna and Munich history and Germanic philology and was at first in these areas literary active, to it,after it 1868 chiefs the copper pass - and signature collection of the ore duke Albrecht (Albertina) become in Vienna, which turned art science. 1873 he became a professor of the history of art at the Viennese university.

It terminated its life by self selbsttötung to 14. August1884 in Leitmeritz.


Thausing published:

  • “Dürers of letters, diaries and Reime” (Vienna 1872).
  • “Dürer, history of its life and its art” (2. Aufl., Leipz. 1884, 2 Bde.).
  • “Le livre of d'esquisses de J. J. Callot " (Vienna 1881).
  • “VienneseArt letters " (Leipz. 1884).
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