Mo of arene

Mo of arene (* 27. December 1925 in Kaunas, Lithuania) is an Israeli politician and flight engineer. It was member of the Likud, served its country three times as a Secretary of Defense and was from 1988 - a 1990 minister of foreign affairs of Israel.

Arene nut/mother was a Zahnärztin and his father a businessman. In the year 1939 he emigrated with his family into the USA and became American citizen. Arene went into New York to the school and made its Bachelor OF Science in mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the years 1944-1946 served arene in a Ingenieurcorps of the US-American armed forces in the second Weltkireg. 1948, in the year as Israel its independence achieved and in the Palestine war against the Arabs to maintain ground had to do, emigrated arene to Israel and became member of the right-wing extremists Irgun - units, which by Menachem Begin were led. Here he was of 1948-1949 also North Africa envoy of the Irgun. With Begin it was connected during its entire political career.

After the war he lived in Mevo Betar turned then however in the year 1951 into the USA back where it 1953 its master in aviation technology at the California institutes OF Technology made. From 1962-1971 he was a deputy general manager of the Israeli aircraft industry. After its entrance into the policy and its choice for the Likud into the Knesset, following on it , in the year 1974, he became a chairman of the outside and defence committee.

In the year 1982 arene from Begin to the Ambassador in the USA one appointed. It changed from diem post 1983 in the Ministry of Defense over where it Ariel Scharon as a Minister replaced. In the year 1984 he became a Minister without scope of responsibility in the government of the national unit. In the December of the yearly 1988 he became a minister of foreign affairs in the cabinet Jitzhak shame IR. It held this post to June 1990, until it was appointed by Schamir again the Secretary of Defense. In this function it served until 1992, until the Likud lost the elections.

Arene withdrew himself then into the year 1999 from the policy, in this year provoked he its favorite Benjamin Netanjahu in the Likud guidance. Although it received only 18% of the voices, Netanjahu appointed it in January 1999 as a Secretary of Defense in the cabinet, whereby he replaced Jitzhak Mordechai. Arene pulled itself later, than the Likud lost the 1999 elections, from the policy back.

Arene one regards as hard liner regarding the Palestinian-Israeli relations, then it is also in the internal-party opposition to the uncoupling plan Scharons and wanted the Likud of members here of its position to convince. As a former extraordinary professor of the aviation technology at the Technion (Israel institutes OF Technology) he wrote a set of articles over drive and flight dynamic. Arene is married and father of four children, he speaks English, French and German.


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