the name of the State of Botswana leads itself from the people of the Batswana (and/or. Tswana) place the Tswana the population majority off, there. Motswana designates the singular form, thus eine/n Angehörige/n of the group of the Batswana. Further Batswana in South Africa ( in the former Bantustan Bophutatswana ), Simbabwe and Namibia live (in the Caprivi Zipfel). Their total number becomes internationally estimated on 4 million, their language is Setswana.

The Tswana belongs within the Bantu family to the group of the Sotho. There are numerous sub-groups of the Tswana (e.g. the Bangwato).

In former times became each Tswanavolk of a royal leader, who “Kgosi” governs. The “Kgosi” was both the lay and the mirror-image-ritual leader, since he was the mediator to the “Modimo”, their highest God. Traditionally they lived in so-called giants: “Villages” with a number of inhabitants up to 40000 humans.

A special status symbol for the Tswana are the cattle, by whose possession today the social position is determined. Today Botswanas of two cattle come on each citizen, whereby the cattle breeding is one of the most important restaurant factors Botswanas.


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