Mount Luigi di Savoia

Mount Luigi di Savoia
height:4,627 m
degree of latitude:0° 20 ′ N
degree of longitude:29° 53 ′ O
mountains:Ruwenzori mountains
Erstbesteigung:1906 by Luigi Amadeo of Savoyen
lightest route:

The Mount Luigi di Savoia is a mountain massif in the Ruwenzori mountains in Uganda. Its highest summit is the Mount Sella with a height of 4627 M. The mountain is part Rwenzori Mountains national park.

The next high-altitude mountain is the Mount Baker. Dominance (distance next higher-lain to the area) amounts to 3.25 km, the Schartenhöhe of 347 M.

The Erstbesteigung succeeded to 1906 Luigi Amadeo of Savoyen, after which the mountain is designated.


  • Mount Sella (4,627 m)
  • Mount pointing man (4,620 m)
  • Mount Stairs (4,545 m)

coordinates: 00° 20 ′ N, 029° 53 ′ O


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