Mount Nimba

Mount Nimba is with a height of 1.752 m the highest mountain in Côte d'Ivoire (the Ivory Coast), at the border to Guinea and Liberia. It carries the present name since the year 1929.

The mountain cities next lying are Lola (approx. 20 km distance), N'Zérékoré and Yekepa in Liberia.

In the year 1944 approximately the nature park became Mount Nimba Strict Nature reserve with a surface from at present approx. around the mountain. 180 km ² based. It is since 1981 on the list of the world culture and nature inheritance of the mankind of the UNESCO. Approx. 130 km ² the nature park are on the national territory of Guinea, approx. 50 km ² in the area of Côte d'Ivoire. In large parts of the nature park any tourism is forbidden.

In Liberia up to the year 1989 from the mountain iron ore was exhausted diminished to the supplies.

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coordinates: 7° 33 ' 40 " N, 8° 27 ' 52 " W


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