Moyse Amyraut

Moyse Amyraut, also Moses Amyraldus (* September 1596 in Bourgueil with route; † 8. January 1664 in Saumur) was a reformed theologian from France.

It worked in Samur first as a minister and starting from 1633 as a professor of theology. In its Traité de la prédestination it tried to reduce 1634 the strict Prädestinationslehre of the Dordrechter Synode by a universalism hypotheticus, thus by the science of a benevolent will of God to make all humans on the condition of the faith blessed.

On different French Nationalsynoden accused, he was acquitted again and again. 1674 the inhabitant of zurich professor Johann Heinrich Heidegger and its Geneva colleague François Turrettini ( 1623-1687) with the Consensus Helveticus finally achieved a temporary condemnation of its teachings.

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