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dialect contest, dialect poet contest, dialect competition or similarly the competitions are called, which take place in German regions, in which particularly in handling and everyday life language still dialect are spoken.

The advertisement takes place regularly, z. B. annually, partly by municipalities, partly by schools or people's highschools, partly by Literaten or culture associations, so far it itself the dialect care and - preservation see obligated.

At first to the competitions gladly with “wakes - sausage - wine” characterized image clung on, because more or less strong Volkstümelei with slope was unmistakable to Knittelversen and Büttenreden. Meanwhile topics and forms can exist however each comparison also high-linguistic literature competitions.

Usually the competitions are concerned with the category lyric poetry, some also additionally with Prosa. In recent time is isolates play or szenische representation been added.

With lyric poetry and Prosa frequently a jury under the written applications meets a preselection. The candidates remained thereby begin then in a final round against each other, in which they have to speak their works verbally. The winners receive money or special prices.

The most steeped in tradition competition in the Pfalz is the Pfälzi dialect poet contest, which is delivered annually since 1952 in bucking home at the crying race.

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