Musab ibn az-Zubair

Musab ibn az-Zubair was the most important army leader of the Gegenkalifen Abdallah ibn az-Zubair (684 - 691).

After proclaiming of Abdallah az-Zubair to the new Kalifen in Mekka and the outbreak of the civil war with the Umayyaden ascended its brother Musab ibn az-Zubair fast to the most important army leader. 685 an attack on Palestine failed, but could repel it with support of Iraqi troops a campaign of the Umayyaden in the Hedschas.

To fight 686 Musab appointed the governor in the Iraq around the rebellion of the Muchtar. With the help of the Arab master aristocracy it could also fast successes obtain and after the death of the Muchtar 687 the entire Iraq under its rule bring. However the fights with the Charidschiten /Azraqiten continued to persist in south Iran. Really crucial victories could not be achieved however. Rather the Charidschiten spread Yemen to Oman also in east Arabia, and.

By these fights diverted Musab could not fight the Umayyaden, its actual main opponents. As the Umayyaden 691 under Abd aluminium-Malik Musab fell ibn az-Zubair in the battle with Maksin, after a part of its troops had withdrawn itself from the battleground.

Thus also the end of its brother Abdallah was sealed, which died now without support from other parts of the Kalifats 692 in the fight for Mekka.


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