Museum OF decaying kind

the museum OF decaying kind (MoMA) is one of the most important collections of modern art in the world. The museum is in New Yorker quarters the Manhattan.

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the museum

developing history

to 7. November 1929 opened the museum for the first time for the public. Up to then there were only art-historical museums in the USA. The idea, also modern art, particularly those of the20. Century to place into a museum the first curator and president of the MoMA, Alfred Barr from the crowning prince palace in Berlin, knew the forerunner of the new national gallery, where he had been active before, and he interspersed her.


the museumhas departments for painting and sculpture, design, photography, architecture, film and Design as well as a sculpture garden.


after that 70 million US $ expensive change of the museum (architect: Yoshio Taniguchi, Japan) from 2002 to 2004 became it to20. November 2004 in Manhattan again opens. During the change time 212 outstanding masterpieces were first in Houston and then of 20. February to 19. September 2004 in the new national gallery in Berlin under the title the MoMA in Berlin issued. Some exhibits were besidestemporarily in a branch office of the MoMA in New Yorker quarters the Queens.

acquaintance issued artists


Umberto Boccionis “Unique form OF Continuity in space”


Badly van the raw one, Josef Hoffmann, Tapio Wirkkala


Auguste Rodin, monument for Balzac

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