Musical parameters

musical parameters are those physically measurable characteristics, which can determine at musical material and be described separately from each other.

parameters of the single tone

the four parameters of the individual clay/tone are:

now and thenfurther characteristics of the single tone are called „parameters “(z. B.Articulation, accents, ornaments); they are to be regarded however as combination of the four parameters mentioned.

parameters of the music

with music in their characteristic as combination of single tonesfive parameters are described, which refer to the single tone parameters:

  • Harmony as simultaneous combination of different pitches
  • melody as combination of pitches and clay/tone lasting
  • rhythm as successive combination different clay/tone lasting; other time phenomena of the music such as basic impact, clock, Metrum or Speed are subsets or special cases of this parameter. The term may therefore here not in the sense of „certainly (z. B. Rumba) rhythm “to be understood
  • dynamics as result about continuous or itself in the time developing/changing volumes about single tones
  • sound as resultthe use of tone qualities

also further characteristics of whole music pieces (z. B. Agogik, Phrasierung) consist likewise of the basic parameters.

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