Music instrument

a music instrument is an article, which was designed or changed with the goal of producing music. In principle can each article, which tones or also only noises brings out, when serve music instrument, however becomes the expression normally only for suchArticles uses, which were for this purpose manufactured or changed. Sometimes also the human voice is called music instrument.

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it gives many different attempts to divide the variety of the music instruments in groups. With practically all classification systems show up pro and cons as well as more or less numerous exceptions.

classification afterKind of the toner generation

Within this pattern combinations are possible.

In 1914 published classification pattern of Curt Sachs and Erich von Hornbostel the instruments is similarly partitioned.

classificationafter use by the player

independent of the kind of the toner generation is also a classification possible after the use by the player. Here one differentiates:

further classifications

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