Music theory

music theory (gr. theoria, view, realization, investigation) - is concerned since the antique one with the organization forms of musical subject, with their physical basic condition as well as with the meaning and the impact of music.

In the today's understanding music theory covers the satztechnische as clay/tone syntax, thus by ownLetter of music made appropriation of the stylistic variety of composition history, z. B. by counterpoint, general bass, harmony teachings or twelve-audio engineering.

In the composition teachings one calls the way sentence, how a music work was set, which relationship the voices of a composition have to each other,that is called whether it in or mehrstimmig is, which form of the composition is the basis etc.

One differentiates between above all homo and polyp-hone sentence, vocal or orchestra set.

To the Polyphonie belong still:

help beyond that the music theory howeveralso to an entrance to the building and to the effect of the music , approximately with the help of the stage theory or the function theory, won by analysis. Under these two basic aspects the also following disciplines can be a component of music-theoretical questions.

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