Music therapy

the music therapy is medically - a psychological, nonverbales therapeutic procedure with help of the music. Music therapy is used with the goal of receiving and of promoting mental, of re-establishing physical and mental health. As practice-oriented science discipline the music therapy stands in close connection to z.B. the psychology, Pädagogik, music science and medicine. Music therapy is based usually equally on beginnings made of depth psychology, behavior therapy, systemic therapy, Gestalt therapy and other one.

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history of the music therapy

by their magic and mystische effect music was already early connected with healing. Into the earlyantique inside by purposeful shifting in drink the Gods were sworn to and Dämonendriven out. In the classical antique one one assumed ill humans in disorder and be restored by the assistance of music the mental and mental internal harmony can be. In the Renaissance the connection of Affekten , above all the melancholy won, and music at interest. In Renaissance and baroque the regularization of the blood stood by oscillations in the focus. In the romance the classical medical reference system of the music changed itself to the psychologically aligned emphasis. After the Second World War the today's ranges of the music therapy developed.

assumption by cost objectives

the music therapy is yet generally cashable as psychotherapeutisches procedure. Meanwhile there is the possibility of the license to practise medicine for the child and Jugendpsychotherapie. To individual cases can thus a music therapy for children or young people by the respective cash be transferred, if the treatingMusiktherapeut an appropriate license to practise medicine to show can. Otherwise the patient must pay in the context of the treatment by established Musiktherapeuten.

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music therapy generally

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music therapy with seriously ill people and dying

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