Die Musikwissenschaft (engl. musicology) the name for the scientific discipline, whose contents are the above all theoretical occupation with music, is i.e. the study and reflection of all aspects of music. The music science becomes today in the German-speaking countries in general.into the ranges historical and systematic music science as well as Musikethnologie subdivided. This three-division goes back on one of the first German-speaking music scientists, the Austrian Guido eagle (1855-1941).

An older, today however still organization usual in the courses of studies of the universities is in historical and comparative music science. Whereby the first covers more the written history of the European music, while the latter history and theory of the entire “world music” raise to the article, whereby the methods of the Ethnologie, field research, the systematic comparison thatClay/tone systems etc. in the focus lie. Because of their eurozentristischen character this organization, which is historically justified, is regarded today as outdated.

The universitäre music science in Germany concentrates until today mainly on the historical research. An overview of music-scientific schools, directionsand the study leader music science of the roof federation of the studying of the music science registered association offers main points of research at the German-language institutes for music science.

Table of contents

articlethe historical music science

is above all the history of European art music with its different subsections:

in the extended sense is comprehensive it music history, those questionsanswered how:

  • Origins of the music
  • development of the music to all times and places
  • their sociological and cultural integration in societies and cultures

important auxiliary disciplines thereby are:

of subsections of the systematic music science

are among other things:

of subsections of the Musikethnologie

are under others:

subsidiary sciences

thoseMusic science is a strongly interdisciplinary aligned science direction. It stands with numerous other disciplines in connection, among other things:

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