Mystic River (film)

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Film data
of German titles: Mystic River
original title: Mystic River
production country: The USA
feature year: 2003
length (PAL - DVD): 132 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 16
direction: Clint Eastwood
film script: Brian Helgeland
production: Clint Eastwood, Judie Hoyt, Robert Lorenz, Bruce Berman
music: Clint Eastwood
camera: Tom star
cut: Joel Cox

Sean Penn as Jimmy Markum,
Tim crawl in as Dave Boyle,
Kevin Bacon as Sean Devine,
Laurence Fishburne as Sgt. Whitey Powers,
Marcia Gay Harden as Celeste Boyle,
Laura Linney as Annabeth Markum,
Kevin Chapman as Val Savage,
Tom Guiry as Brendan Harris,
Emmy Rossum as Katie Markum,
Spencer Treat Clark as silent Ray Harris,
Connor Paolo as the young Sean Devine

Mystic River is a literature filming of the novel of the same name of Dennis Lehane. Clint Eastwood turned the price-crowned melodramatischen thriller 2003 after the film script of Brian Helgeland.

Table of contents


25 years after the small Dave Boyle before the eyes of its friends Jimmy Markum and Sean Devine into a car gezerrt and several-day-long by pädophilen impulse authors one abused, will wiederkreuzen themselves the ways of the youth friends under tragic circumstances: As the 19-jährige daughter of the gangster Jimmy (Penn) is murdered, takes over Sean (Bacon) as investigator the case. Fast it turns out that the Dave (crawl in), disturbed since its kidnapping, has to hide, some. And still Daves Mrs. (Harden) it for Katies murderer holds, cannot the run of the things any longer be stopped: Jimmy sees and it red comes to the disaster…


the 24. Public work of Clint Eastwood was honoured with numerous honors. Among other things he was nominated for six Oscars, five golden Globes and four BAFTAs.


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