Richly: Viruses
DNA virus
family: Poxviridae
kind: Leporipox
kind: myxomatosis

the Myxomatose (rabbit plague) is a virus illness released by smallpox exciters, which arises exclusively under hares and rabbits.

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the transmission of the virus takes place most frequently by stinging insects . An effective mosquito protection is therefore straight important during industrieller animal husbandry. Furthermore the virus can be transferred by direct contact from animal to animal or from humans to animal. An infection by fresh green fodder is also possible. After one incubation period of 2 to 5 days the first symptoms arise.


acute process

with the acute process of the illness arises to swelling and inflammations within the range of the lids, the mouth, the ears, the lips and the genital range. After about 10-14 days the illness ends with death.

chronic process

with the chronic process of the illness increase Pusteln arise . A healing is possible in individual cases. In some cases it arises that the rabbit recovers again, nevertheless the epidemic in itself continues to carry.

treatment mortality

for Myxomatose does not give it special treatment. Depending upon Virulenz the mortality is about 20 to 100%. Preventing however a half-yearly inoculation can offer protection against an infection.

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