NASDAQ [ˈnæsdæk], originally an acronym for N ational A ssociation OF S of ecurities D ealers A utomated Q uotations, is a stock exchange, those by that national Association OF Securities Dealers is operated and in the northwest corner of the Condé Nast Buildings at Time the Square of Manhattan in New York town center is accommodated.

As the trade to 8. February 1971 began, was this the first electronic stock exchange. Since 1999 it is the largest American stock exchange, in which half of the US-American corporations is listed. The NASDAQconsists of the NASDAQ national Market and the NASDAQ SmallCap Market. The seat of the main stock exchange is in the USA, with stock exchanges in Canada and Japan. Connections to the stock exchanges exist in Hong Kong and Europe.

The NASDAQ permits itseveral market participants to participate in the trade by means of the electronics Communications network (ECNs). The trade to the NASDAQ is possible from 15.30 to 22 o'clock German time. The Small order Execution system (SOES) is imported another NASDAQ characteristic, 1984, in order to guarantee,that even when high commercial arising an order execution is ensured. To 17. July 1995 closed the NASDAQ share index for the first time also over 1.000 points. The index reached to 10. March 2000 with 5048,62 points its highest level and signaled the beginning of the end of the DOT Com boom.

In the largestCivil proceedings in the history of the USA condemned a Federal court of dozens investors damaged by broker houses (under it Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs , and Salomon Smith Barney) to payments at a value of 1.03 billion US Dollar to, who became to betrogen with a large-scale plan by means of Preisfixierung.

In the year 2002 the NASDAQ superassembly , briefly, introduced SUMO as electronic system.

The NASDAQ was at the 11. September 2001 due to the terrorist attacks closed.

At the OTC bulletin board of the NASDAQ the shares under the symbol NDAQ are acted.

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