NWA World Heavyweight Championship

of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship is the geschichtsträchtigste title in the professional Wrestling. At present it is defended with totally Nonstop Action Wrestling, the current champion is Christian Cage.

The title can be retraced up to the first World Heavyweight Championship, whose first title carrier was 1905 George Hackenschmidt. There it many“Areas” in the whole USA gave, 1948 national the Wrestling Alliance as roof federation was based. These areas had to step the possibility, the NWA. The owners had to recognize the NWA Heavyweight and day team champion as World champion and stop their own titles.

Each year came the NWA World champion into each area and defended its title against the there Topherausforderer or regional champion. The task of the champion was it to let the challengers look good and to keep the title nevertheless. The NWA board OF Directors consisted mainly of the owners of the regional leagues and it was co-ordinated, when and whether a title should change. The former Champ mostly recovered its title days or weeks later again. By the controversy about Lou Thesz, which should not deliver its title, protested to Verne Gagne and withdrew its American Wrestling Association from the NWA and created his own title.

Gagnes retreat was a forerunner of the World Wide Wrestling Federation (then to the World the Wrestling Federation and to World Wrestling Entertainment became now) and from Ted Turners World Championship Wrestling, which made themselves only years independent later. The WWWF left the NWA, as “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers delivered the title at Lou Thesz in a case of pin and not in one OF three best, as the titles of the NWA were defended at that time. Vince McMahon SR. refused recognizing Thesz as World champion and withdrew in such a way the WWWF from the NWA. McMahon recognized Rogers also further as champion on and appointed it the WWWF World champion after it a fictitious tournament around the new title in Rio de Janeiro had won.

When Ric flair the NWA World 1981 won, he pleased itself of larger popularity than ever before. Although Vince McMahons WWF began, to become larger, Ric was flair of the recognized World champions. It defended the belt in all areas, like also many Champs before it.

End of the 80's tried Jim Crocket graduation, the main area of the NWA to expand country-wide and had thereby nearly bankruptcy to announce. By having more moneys expenditure than it, the graduation missed the connection to the WWF. Ted Turner bought up it, because she achieved good ratingses on its transmitter WTBS. When the Deal was perfect 1989, Turner began to convert the company into its vision from the WCW. The WCW remained in the NWA, but Turner pushed the name NWA slowly ever more into the background. The NWA existed on the paper and on the television it in such a way was at this time only represented that from the NWA World Heavyweight Championship simply the WCW World Heavyweight Championship became.

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