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base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Upper Palatinate
district: Swan village
geographical location:
Coordinates: 49° 27 ' N, 12° 10 ' O
49° 27 ' N, 12° 10 ' O
height: 374 m and. NN
surface: 62.39 km ²
inhabitants: 6.070 (31. Dezember.2003)
Population density: 97 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 92507
preselection: 09433
Kfz characteristics: SAD
municipality key: 09 3 76 144
of the local administration:
Upper market 16
92507 Nabburg
E-Mail address:
mayor: Josef Fischer (active citizens union registered association.)

Nabburg is a city in the Bavarian governmental district Upper Palatinate, district swan village.

Nabburg is seat of the central administrative body Nabburg with the members municipality old person village, municipality good-hits a corner and city Nabburg.

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geographical location

the city Nabburg is convenient in the nature park Oberpfälzer forest on both sides the Naab.


with Nabburg begins the stake, altogether 150 km a long quartz rock course.


the establishment of the city took place around the turn 9. Century. Nabburg is mentioned for the first time documentary in the year 929. Already at the beginning of the new millenium Nabburg center of the border politics and firm base of the counts was in north gau.

The “Marca Napurch”, like it in documents of 29. July 1040 and of 13. February 1061 is called, experiences its bloom time under the rule of the Diepoldinger; to their becoming extinct around 1254 she came into the possession of Ludwig. Duke Rudolf confirmed to 31. March 1296 all past privileges and lent Nabburg in paragraph 17 of the liberty letter all rights of the city Amberg. After the death of the duke the city fell at emperors Ludwig von Bayern, who granted it further privileges and it in the year 1317 as unsalable explained. From 1353 to 1410 Nabburg was seat of an office for vice-cathedral. During the gloss time of the middle class the right statutes of the city, the “Instituta Civilia” developed (1405).

In the year 1420 hussitische hordes/hurdles pulled robbing and plündernd by the roads and were with their departure the city into fire. Thereupon the work on the completion already before of the attachment plant begun was accelerated. 1536 burned down by thunderbolt the northern tower of the city parish church.

Nabburg was up to the administrative reforms under Montgelas office for maintaining, possessed a maintaining court and belonged to the revenue office Amberg.

In the Second World War before end of war by an incendiary bomb release a part of the suburb Venice was destroyed still briefly around the “hotel to the crown” by fires. By the influx of primarily Sudeten German refugees the number of inhabitants rose precipitously. By the regional reorganization the city 1972 lost the circle seat.

east the motorway

  • outstanding received Stadtmauer with two drive throughable town-gates mostly old part of town
  • local recreation area old person Naab museum of the domestic animal world
  • gothical city parish church (
  • in former times 2 towers
  • , from which native ones
  • therefore today still gladly cathedral calls) restored culture and objects of interest stork nest on the cemetery church and stork biotope
  • Oberpfälzer open land museum Neusath Per (with regular action days, mostly Sundays)
  • Karner (leg house) in Per

regular meetings

  • annually changing between music festival of kind of clay/tone and medieval market (next time to 15. and 16. July 2006)
  • Streetfighter meeting
  • Woodpop skirt concert
  • Brünnl ride

economics and infrastructure


Nabburg is because of the motorway A93 (connection point 30 - Nabburg). Some kilometers north of Nabburg to the A6 (only mountain Prague) one builds. The so-called motorway interchange “Oberpfälzer forest” stands there briefly before the completion. Here the A93 and the A6 meet. The local station becomes regularly of courses on the distance yard (Bavaria) - Regensburg serves.

public mechanisms

Nabburg is state of training place of the Bavarian auxiliary police


Dausch, Ernst: City leader Nabburg, Nabburg 1991.

Bogner, Franz X.: The Naab - with Waldnaab, Fichtelnaab, Haidenaab (aerial photograph volume), Pustet Regensburg, 2004.

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