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nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos)
Class: Birds (Aves)
order: Sparrow birds (Passeriformes)
subordination: Singing birds (Passeri)
family: Fliegenschnäpper (Muscicapidae)
Unterfamilie: Schmätzer (Saxicolinae)
kind: Luscinia
kind: Nightingale
scientific name
Luscinia megarhynchos
Brehm, 1831

the nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos) is bird a kind from the order of the sparrow birds (Passeriformes), subordination of singing birds (Passeres).
After molecular-biological realizations to the Phylogenese of the singing birds it must to the family that Fliegenschnäpper (Muscicapidae) to be placed. Sometimes one finds it today arranged with the throttles ( Turdidae) still in addition.

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an attained full growth nightingale measures from the bill toto the tail point about 16.5 cm, is thus about as large as a Haussperling (Passer domesticus). The nightingale can be confounded with the Sprosser (Luscinia luscinia), because with both the belly is light brown to grey, the back brown and the tail brownish-red.Differently than with the nightingale the Sprosser is geschuppt less or more darkly.


you exclusively nourish themselves of insects, worms or crawler-type vehicles, as well as other eddy lots. But in the autumn their main food is berries.


thoseNightingale sings rich, probably-sounding and loud. Their singing belonged to the most beautiful and most complex singing of the singing birds and consists of Strophen of closely gereihter single or double tones. In the early spring nightingales sing in the morning, the singing serve predominantly at night at this time above allthe district demarcation and the attraction from partner inside. Later in the spring nightingales are to be heard also during the day clearly. Nightingale males learn their singing during the early youth of neighbouring birds and control between 120 and 260 different Strophentypen, which are long mostly two to four seconds. ThoseDifferences in the learned Strophenrepertoiren and the variations of characteristic Strophen permit the distinction of regional “dialects”. The nightingale singing is particularly due to its complexity the subject of intensive behavior-biological research, among other things to the function of the memory.

In former times the singing of the nightingale was considered to the dying one as schmerzlindernd and should gentle death and the patient a rapid recovery bring.


Luscinia megarhynchos

nightingales migratory birds are and are domestic in Asia , Europe and North Africa. The Central European nightingales winter in Africa. In Australia the nightingales became by white settlersintroduced. They are to be found in close hardwood forests or Dickichten. Particularly gladly they do not live in damp area, in addition, in to dry field wood. Their nests are built at ground level, but it hides so beautifully that nobody drauftritt!


the breeding time is from centerMay to in the middle of June. Usually there is only one brood per year, under favorable climatic conditions however also two broods is carried out (K-strategy). The clutch of eggs consists of 4 to 6 greenish brown eggs. The eggs are daily put down and immediately ofFemale 13 to 14 days expenditure-breeds. The boys are fed by both parents. After 11 to 12 days the boys leave the nest, however 14 to 15 days are further cared for.


the nightingale uses nearby materials for building the nest andit builds on the soil. The soil is from leaves, inside is Moos and stems. The female nightingale builds the nest alone.


the nightingale is both admits by the line “it was the nightingale and not the lark “from Shakespeares Romeo and Julia, and by the berlinerische idiom “nightingale, ick hear to trapsen you”, which out boys miracle horn comes. In the seal Philomele is used metonymisch for the nightingale. It seems also in the fairy tale to Jorinde and Joringel .

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