Nadir Schah

of these articles refers to a Persian Schah 18. Century, for the Afghan king of the same name 20. Century see Mohammed nadir Schah
Nadir, Schah von Persien; um 1750
nadir, Schah of Persia; around 1750

nadir Schah (nadir Qoli Beg, also Tahmasp Qoli Khan) (* 22. October 1688; † June 1747) governed as Schah Persia of 1736-1747 and created the dynasty of the Afschariden. Because of its military abilities it was called of some historians second Alexander or Napoleon Persia. In its time Persia from the Caucasus was enough to the Indus and to the south bank Persian Gulf.

It was born in Dastgerd in Chorassan in the turkmenischen Qirqlu trunk. His father, a become impoverished Kleinbauer, died as nadir still another child was. Nadir and its nut/mother were enslaved by Usbeken, but it could flee and found with the Afscharen Unterschlupf. There it first probably grew up as a leader of juvenile bandits - and became under the Obhut of the master leaders a military leader.

Rider portrait nadir Schah in Jonas Hanways reliable history that English action by Russia, over which Caspi sea, to Persia, which Tartarey and door keys, Armenia and China, Leipzig 1769

as 1719 attacked and penetrated the Afghans Persia, became nadir of the Safawiden at that time ruler Tahmasp II. recruited, promoted and the general appointed, so that it accepted the name Tahmasp Qoli (Tahmasps servant). Nadir pulled with 5000 men against the Afghans and defeated it in a battle 1729. The Afghans left 1730 Persia. Briefly before it - 1729 - Tahmasp was raised in Isfahan to the Schah. Tahmasp began a war against the Osmanen and lost with the war also the provinces Georgien and Armenia. When nadir came to Isfahan, it set Tahmasp off as Schah and sent it after Chorassan into the exile. In place of Tahmasp nadir set the achtmonatigen son of Tahmasp as Abbas III. on the throne. As these 1736 explained itself nadir died as the Schah. Nadir could so all lost areas the Osmanen in several fights defeat and could again win.

1738 it conquered the city Kandahar and occupies Ghazni, Kabul and Lahore. At the end of of 1738 it crossed the Indus and defeated the Mogulen in the battle of Karnal to 27. February 1739. It took that Mogulherr Muhammed Schah as a hostage and plünderte the capital Delhi. Died to 30,000 humans. As nadir Schah the city in May 1739 left took it thousands of young people as slaves with itself. On this campaign it captured also the famous Pfauenthron, which became thereby the symbol of all Persian rulers. To the booty belonged also many elephants, horses and camels, which were bepackt with robbery treasures all. With this enormous booty nadir was not to be raised in a the position for three years taxes from the Persern to. 1740 it attacked the Usbeken in Transoxanien . On the other side it developed a large fleet, with which it Bahrain the Arabs entriss. 1743 it conquered Oman. After an assassination attempt 1741 it let its son Reza Quli Mirza dazzle, because it suspected it. With the time nadir became ever more paranoider, so that it let many suspicious persons execute. it could take the city Najaf to 1746 with a contract with the Osmanen in possession. But one year later - 1747 - was murdered nadir Schah by its generals. Its enormous realm began to crumble. To his place its nephew Adil Schah came. This fought however its brother Ibrahim Khan and Schah Ruhk, a grandchild of nadir Schah. These two were governors and explained their independence. The realm purged into chaos. But 1760 could take over Karim Khan Zand the guidance and stabilize and save the realm, after Ahmad Schah Durrani in the east had before already created an independent kingdom, which late Afghanistan modern to the Wegbereiter became.

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