The Near East

states of the Near East

the Near East (Arab asch scharq aluminium-adna) covers the countries of the Arab peninsula as well as further adjacent states in the geographical sense. In former times the area of the Osmani realm was designated in such a way outside of Europe. In thisDesignation expresses itself a continental-European aspect on an area, with which it essentially concerns around west Asia as well as small parts of North Africa.

The Near East covers (usually) the following states and autonomous areas:

The term the middle east, thatone in the media finds ever more frequent, usually than literal translation of the English expression Middle East is used, which designates the same geographical area and also in the Arab and Hebrew designations specified above appears ( the Arab is ausat, TIC-honethe Hebrew term for “middle”). In the German linguistic usage the use of the term is misleading against it since the middle east actually designates a deviating geographical area here. At present the Osmanenreiches spoke also the British of Near East (area without thatIran).Middle East designated at that time the area Iran, Afghanistan, Caucasus, central Asia.

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