Close combat

of these articles describes physical close combat without firearms, for other meanings sees close range combat.
Soldier of the United States Army with close-in engagement training

(military) close combat (English.: melee, militarily: CLOSE more quarter combat or hand ton of hand Combat) designates the direct fight, led man against man, without firearms in addition, with the employment combat equipment developed through particularly by blade weapons, articles (helmet), tools (spades) by bare body employment, whose individual elements are taken out of different combat systems.

Furthermore by this also the fight with that on a rifle up-planted bayonet , the rifle or a measurer , with Dolch and feldspars falls.

Military close combat differs furthermore fundamentally from kinds of combat haven: While with a latter defeat has few late sequences, a lost fight costs usually the own life in the field. For this reason also the applied techniques differ strongly: In the combat haven mostly an aesthetically responding body picture or as fast a Niederringen of the opponent in the center as possible is located, prevailing in the military range is above all aggressive and fast acting, which is to tempt the opponent to errors, which are then used. In addition techniques can be found, which would be regarded in the sports area as expressed unsportlich: Footsteps and impacts into the genital organs, placing, sequential attack behind on an opponent up to its unfitness for combat, attack from covering, impacts with the Gewehrkolben and the run, attack with the surveyor, whom is because of the soil , and others The soldier follows thereby usually no international-lawcode of ethics “, but fights from instinct. Furthermore military close-in engagement techniques are flexible, them can fast be combined (see. Krav Maga), which must tactics during the fight is provided, so that the Kombattant can adjust itself fast to changing opponents.


  • Vo Vi
  • Nam Viet
  • Vo Dao
  • Gjog guessed/advised close-in engagement systems Bojewoje Sambo Krav
  • Maga San
  • Shu Tukong MOO Sul [to 1
  • ] sul /Kyok sul

Mil. Close-in engagement systems

  • Rex Applegates CLOSE Quarter Combat

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