Nancy Mitford

Nancy Mitford (* 28. November 1904 in London, England; † 30. June 1973 in Versailles, France) was an English authoress and biographies.

Nancy Mitford was the oldest daughter 2. Baron Redesdale, David Bertram Ogilvy Freeman Mitford. Their sisters were Diana Mitford (married Oswald Mosley in first marriage with Bryan Guinness, in second marriage with the leader of the British fascists), Unity Mitford (in the personal surrounding field of Adolf Hitler operated) and Jessica Mitford (married with Esmond Romilly). Nancy Mitford married 1933 the son of a diplomat, Peter Rodd, of whom it became divorced 1958.


  • 1931: Highland Fling
  • 1932: Christmas pudding
  • 1935: Wigs on the Green
  • 1940: Pigeon Pie
  • 1945: The Pursuit OF Love
  • 1949: Love in A Cold Climate (German: Love under cold sky)
  • 1951: The Blessing
  • 1954: Madame de Pompadour (biography)
  • 1956: Noblesse is incumbent on: at Inquiry into the Identifiable Characteristics OF the English Aristocracy (German: Noblesse is incumbent on. Bad thoughts of an English lady)
  • 1957: Voltaire in Love
  • 1960: Don't Tell Alfred
  • 1962: The Water Beetle
  • 1966: The Sun King
  • 1970: Frederick the Great (biography)

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