Nancy Spungen

Nancy Laura Spungen (* 27. February 1958 in Philadelphia/Pennsylvania, † 12. October 1978 in New York town center) was the friend of the well-known Punkmusikers simmers Vicious, bassist of the Sex Pistols.

Spungen was born as a daughter of Deborah and franc Spungen. It grew up in Huntingdon Valley, a suburb of Philadelphia. 1977 left it their parents' house and followed as Groupie of volume like the Ramones, Aerosmith and the New York Dolls. She worked as Stripperin in New York town center before it to London moved. According to the statements of its nut/mother Spungen under schizophrenia suffered. Spungen was heroin dependent and undertook several attempted suicides. It personifizierte the destructive life-style of the Punk movement and became together with simmers Vicious one of its icons.

After the separation that volume cared for Spungen as Managerin the short solo career of simmer Vicious. In October 1978 one found Spungen erstochen in the bath of room 100 of the “Chelsea hotel “in New York town center. Vicious thereupon because of murder suspicion arrested, against a bail set of 50.000 US Dollar, which were placed by the disk company Virgin record, but free foot. Briefly before its process also Vicious (by an overdose heroin) died to 2. February 1979. Speculations that he had not away come over the death of his friend and by Suizid died, keep themselves today persistent until. The murder at Nancy Spungen was never judicially cleared up after Vicious' death.

Their short, conflict-rich relationship too simmer Vicious 1986 under the title simmer & filmed Nancy. Gary Oldman played simmers Vicious. Courtney Love, which was compared repeatedly with Spungen, had applied for the role that Nancy, had to give oneself however with a Nebenrolle contently.

Nancy Spungen is buried on the King David Cemetery, Bensalem, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the USA.

Its nut/mother Deborah wrote a book concerning the life history of the daughter.


  • Deborah Spungen: Points of parting. ISBN 3426015129. (Translation of and I Don't want ton of live ones this would run, 1983)

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