Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson (* 20. February 1937 in Chillicothe, Ohio) is an US-American singer.

Wilson began its career as a singer in jazz clubs in the environment of Columbus (Ohio) into the 1950er years. It took up their first records end of the 50's. Into the 1960er years became it one of the most popular jazz singers and even received its own Fernsehshow, where it sang Popsongs, which let become only larger their popularity beyond the borders of the jazz also. It arose with Nat King Cole and Sarah Vaughan in concerts. For its Nancy Wilson show received it a Emmy Award and was also frequently guest in other shows. It stepped in addition regularly into picked Vegas up .

When the popularity decreased from Personalityshows, it turned into the 1980er years back to the jazz and worked with musicians such as Hank Jones and kind Farmer. Nancy Wilson takes up regularly new CDs. Their so far last album put it 2004 with R.S.V.P. - Rare Songs, Very personnel forwards. Also on this album it meets numerous jazz sizes and sings einfühlsame Balladen.


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