Nandi (Ethnie)

the Nandi are a kalenjinsprachiger trunk, which at the same time the Ethnie of the Kalenjin corresponds, which lives in the west of Kenya.

End 19. Century the people had achieved the probably strongest position of his history. At that time the Nandi stood in the call to be cruel and bold Krieger. The Nandi sträubten itself into the present inside against any changes of its life-style and was considered for a long time as notorious Fremdenhasser.

way of life

traditional were the Nandi cattle breeder and only against-willingly and on pressure of the colonial gentlemen the agriculture turned. But they refer today with pride to the milk production in their region, which is the highest in completely Kenya.


Gods admire religion the Nandi, under it the God Asis as well as the thunder God Ilat.


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