Nanuk, the Eskimo

film data
of German titles: Nanuk, the Eskimo
original title: Nanook OF the North
production country: The USA
feature year: 1921
length (PAL - DVD): 78 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 6
direction: Robert J. Flaherty
film script: Robert J. Flaherty
production: Robert J. Flaherty
music: Rudolf scratch
camera: Robert J. Flaherty
cut: Robert J. Flaherty, Charles yellow

Nanuk, the Eskimo, produces from Robert J. Flaherty in the year 1922, was the first long American documentary film, which inspired a far public. The film is considered as one of the most important documentary films of the silent movie era.

Flaherty turned the documentation over the everyday life of the Inuit - family of Nanuk and Nyla near the place Inukjuaq in the arctic of Québec, Canada.

Into the 1980er years the film, which is enough long time only in 48 minutes for version to be seen was, was restored.

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