Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell (* 22. May 1970 in Lambeth, London) is a former British photo model. It ranks beside Claudia boat operator, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista among the five most important Supermodels and belonged beside Claudia boat operator and Cindy Crawford to bestbezahlten top model the world.

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Campbell studied to London Academy For Performing kind. When it was years old fourteen, it began training at the play school “Italia Conti Academy OF Theatre kind” in London.

Campbell had their first public appearance already with seven years in February 1978 in a music video of Bob Marley for its Song Is This Love?.

In the year 1985 Campbell of Beth Boldt, an agent of the woman Mrs. inch, in the Londoner district Covent guards was discovered. Thereupon it was taken by the mode situation layer Synchro Models under contract.

In the year 1986 Campbell had its first photo photographs for the British expenditure of the inch. Their break-through as photo model succeeded their 1988, when it was the first afro British Model, which on the Cover of the American and French Vogue and the US-American news magazine TIME was to be seen. Since then Campbell ranks among the most famous and most in demand Supermodels of the industry. In the year 1991 she was selected by the People magazines among “50 most beautiful humans” (50 Most Beautiful People). 1999 poetry ores it naked for the Playboy. Since that time Campbell co-operates with the most well-known photographers, to those and. A. the German Fotografin inches of Unwerth and the German star photographer Peter Lindbergh count.

After its gangway career Campbell tried as actress and a singer. In the year 1995 their first CD with the title appeared “baby Woman “on the market. The CD a large success was world-wide and could over one million time sell itself. You “La La La “- dear song with the Japanese singer Toshi created it in Japan at place 1.

Naomi arose to Ice” in the music videos “Freedom “from George Michael,” into the Closet “from Michael Jackson and on the single “Cold as from Vanilla Ice. In the music video Freedom were to be seen also Models such as Linda Evangelista.

In the year 1991 Campbell in the comedy Cold gave as Ice at the side of Vanilla Ice their film debut. The film was at the Kinokassen a flop and by critics was negatively evaluated. Later it had two years in the comedy “The Night incoming goods Never Met” at the side of Matthew Broderick a smaller role than French cheese shop assistant. 1996 played it in two films also. In the drama Girl 6 of the US-American director spike Lee was to be seen only completely short it. In the film invasion OF Privacy of the film script author Larry Cohen played it their first main role. In the same year it participated in the documentation “Catwalk”. In the year 2005 the comedy in the American cinemas appears. In addition it plays beside the Model EH Herzigova and the actor Harvey Keitel in the comedy Go Go of valley also.

1996 created it together with five of further top model (Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, inch MacPherson, Christy Turlington and Claudia boat operator) the Fashion Café in New York town center. One year later appeared their first novel with the title “Swan “. The novel became the best-seller and provided for headlines, since Naomi wrote hardly a word, but the novel of a so-called Ghostwriterin to write left. In addition a book of pictures with the title appeared “Naomi” in the same year, which contained pictures, which were selected by the photographers of harsh ride , Steven Meisel , smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Avedon, inches of Unwerth and Peter Lindbergh.

It had the income of the two books the charity organization talks CROSS Somalia relief find donated. Naomi still uses itself for further organizations, to those and. A. the “Nelson Mandela Children find “and” Fidel Castro Cuban Children find “belong. Like many other prominent ones it also supports the organization UNESCO. It particularly uses itself for its homeland Jamaica and lets in its name kindergartens and houses establish there.

Naomi is still active as Model on the gangway. It recruits momentarily for the trend mark and for the clothe house H&M.

It calls Nelson Mandela their “grand dad”.

Campbell applies in the mode and model industry as “with difficulty”. It comes negatively again and again into the headlines, if employees or former friends report, of Campbell to have been violently attacked.


  • I never makes Diät. I smoke. I drink from time to time, but I never go into the Fitness Studio. I work hard - and I am worth each individual cent.


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